I know… nuts, isn’t it?!?  All of this study about contentment… and I’ve been delighting in my King and I’ve been GENUINELY content… and now… here I am… being selfish and DIScontent!


Charles is off studying eschatology and the competing theories of the end times.  I’m here… because I didn’t have a babysitter, and while I could have brought the children (the study is at my parents’ tonight)… well… I was just being a brat, really.  My feelings were hurt, and so I opted for pouting and blogging over digging into the precious Word of God!  I’m so DUMB!  And NOW… rather than going and spending this great quiet time digging into my Bible, just us (me and my King)… I’m pouting and typing and being discontent that I have to stay here and not be there and blah blah blah blah blah!  I’m such a dork!  I don’t even really care about “the end times”… well… I care… but it isn’t HUGE to me.  I’m (as a friend once said) a “PAN-millennialist”… God is SOVEREIGN and “it will all pan out in the end!”  Even so… I LOVE to just read and learn and grow… and there are so many conflicting thoughts/theories.  Men who I love and admire differ… I would love to know the intricacies of it all.  I would love to apply biblical hermeneutics and really study every “jot and tittle”.  *sigh*  I would love to listen to well-taught, well-studied, learned and godly men in discussion.  It’s especially glorious to listen to conversation that is purely Christ-centered… each man wanting God to be glorified when his hypothesis is realized…  and here I am… being a momma… a DIScontent momma.  God WANTS me to be a momma… minus the discontent bit.  Why am I in a funk?  I know…  I’m thinking ONLY of ME.  Blah!  I’m so gross!  This is yucky!  I MUST stop!  I need my God to get rid of my flesh… I need to look to the Lamb and rest, again, at the feet of my King!  What better place is there?  *giggle* I LOVE you, LORD! Thank you!  I get to come and be with You!  THAT is the TRUE desire of my heart!  With YOU (eschatology or no) I am HAPPY and CONTENT!!!  Yay!  I am on my way!  I am ready to ruminate, a cow… chewing her cud joyfully… with calm delight!

Okay… I am content, because my God is faithful!

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