It was anthrax!

We got a package from china via california today through UPS.  Something I ordered from a company on ebay.  ANYWAY… after I excitedly dug into it, I noticed white powder all over the box.  Okay… I admit to being slightly dramatic… but I’ve always thought that China could very slowly and easily pick us off one by one… until there is no more U.S.  Come on!  EVERYTHING comes from China!  Are we INSANE?!?  You know how lazy you can be on YOUR job sometimes… imagine the FDA and all of the customs agents, etc… how dull and monotonous!!!  Do you really think they bust their butts over EVERY import?!?  NO!  One box out of millions?!?  All I’m saying, is if you don’t hear from us for a while… find the box!


Oh… and I wanted Charles to pray and he LAUGHED at me and said it was probably flour!  FLOUR?!?  Who sends flour via UPS?!?  Why?!?  Anyway… it doesn’t look like any flour I’ve ever seen!  Speaking of flour… I love the bit in that movie with Will Farrell where he brings her “flours”!  *happy sigh*

Off to google anthrax!

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