Lydia Dianne is 3 today!!!

I’ve been a bit emotional about it for a few weeks now.  I’m not sure why.  I didn’t go through this with Noah… but I think it’s because I had little Lydia to be the baby, as Noah grew. 

While Lydia has acted like a 4-year-old for the last year, it’s still really hard to see her go from 2 to 3.  I confess, I never really think of her being 2.  She doesn’t act it.  She speaks better than many adults we know.  She’s a doll, really!  So why is the actual age change so difficult?  One friend suggested it might be that I’m thinking this is it… the last baby… ever… Of course Charles denies that this is the case and we fantasize about having more in a few years, once Noah is established in a school routine, etc… but I wonder. 

Ultimately it is up to God.  There is great comfort in trusting Him.  If Lydia is my last baby, so be it.  There IS an unbelievable ache in my heart right now, though!  She’s not TWO!  She’s THREE!!!  And little Lou is so very excited about it, too!

After rocking her a bit this morning, I snuggled her and prayed with her, thanking God for this precious blessing that He has given me.  I am so unworthy!  We prayed that God would grow her to be a strong, godly woman… that I would be a loving and consistent mother, teaching her the things of God….  after praying, she squeezed my neck in typical Lydia fashion and then wiggled free from my clinging.  She leaned into my lap and said, “It’s okay, Mommy.  I have to grow big, but I’ll let you squish me little, if you want so I can be little for you forever.  But I have to get big so I can have a wedding.” 


Oh!  she is SOOOOO big!!!

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