God is such FUN!  I wonder, sometimes, if He sits back and just laughs at me!  A Father, laughing at His child because she is falling all over herself, delighting in Him and His goodness and kindness to her!  He is SOOOO good, y’all!

I think of the way Charles reclines and throws his head back in a hearty rumble of  laughter when Lydia is beside herself with joy at some great feat of her Daddy’s…  Lydia is delighting in her father, and he is delighting in her. It tickles him that he’s made her so happy! 

Yes… God is my Father.  Oh!  How I adore Him and look up to Him with happy expectation… panting almost…a dog panting- that is what I’ve become!!!  I happily wag my tail and slobber all over, contentedly!  I am like Dora in Dickens’ David Copperfield.  Oh!  How I used to abhor her!  And now I AM her!  With my earthly husband and with my Kinsman Redeemer… with my good and holy Father in heaven… I am content to just hold their pens! 

All of that to say-

God is so very good!  I love Him more than I could hope to describe!!!  The really neat thing about it is that He loves me more than I can ever hope to fathom!

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