It is unbelievable… the friends that God has given us… the sweet brothers and sisters who love our family (and love us enough to spend a Saturday afternoon in the heat with us)!  Oh!  I hope they know how much we love all of them!!!

Lydia’s birthday was a blast!!!  If you were here:  THANK YOU!  It was GREAT FUN! 

If you weren’t:  Boohoo!  We missed you!

Here are some photos of the fun
(click on the thumbnail for the larger image):

It was funny, really… Lydia wanted to have a “princess party” SOOOOO much she could taste it!
When we sat down to make the guest list, there were 15 boys and 5 girls!!!
So… she said that all of the knights could protect the princesses.
During her party she told me,
“Mommy, I am going to marry all of my knights.  They are all so very nice to me.”
Oh my!!!

Seeing it all for the first time!
She was SOOOO excited! 
The joy and “Oh MOMMY!” makes it ALL worth it!

She HAD to go see everything!
The knight on the right kept falling down on the job!

The Royal Family

Princess Kylie

Gorgeous, isn’t she?!?  Just like her momma!

One thing I love about all of the parties our families have:
The DADS come, too!!!
It adds SO much!

They were hitting hard!!!


Dads ROCK!

Michael Grayson, Man in Tights.
What a friend.

The Beautiful Lady Christy

Caroline, a real live doll.

The Royal Story-Teller

Okay, so I get into it.

Go!  You must hurry and catch the dragon by his tail!

beautiful princesses

Moms ROCK, too!

Kiss the Frog Prince
Well…  put the sticker on the Frog Prince, but you get the idea.

Okay… well… Lydia actually kissed him…

Breaking into the castle!


Aaaagh!  And the knights are sitting down on the job!

“May you have more sense than your parents, little one, and root for LSU.  GEAUX TIGERS!”

Our friends always overwhelm me!
I love them all!
They are such blessings!

Charles, revelling in the King who makes us Princes and Princesses

Sweet Michelle made Cinderella and Lydia and I made what was SUPPOSED to be a Castle.
We aren’t very good at it, but WOW!  We had FUN!  That’s what it’s all about, right?!?

Uh-oh!  What were these looks about?!?
The Collapsing Castle?!?

I am madly in love with this little man!

We LOVE Jeremiah and Holly!!!
Our hearts swell when we think of them!

How did I  get stuck with four kids?

Oh my!  He makes me want to be a cannibal!

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

“I love you peanut!”

He’s a gem!  Don’t blame him for his parents’ bad taste!

tee hee hee


This makes me smile.

Primping Princess

Oh!  Sweet Kitty, sweeter girlie!

Teaching Kitty to play guitar.

It’s fun, seeing your friends smiling at your children, isn’t it?

Pouty Princess

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