Well, it’s official.  Even though he has to miss the first practice (poor sweetie), Noah is playing soccer! 

We’re happy that he’s on a team with four of his friends.  We’re also happy that his team is red and not champagne.  Is that awful?

I’ll be sure to post his schedule, when we get it.  This is going to be a blast!

We’re looking forward to Dylan and Lydia cheering on their big brothers.  I’ll have to get Lou some red pom poms and maybe a red flad for Dylan?  Can a boy shake pom poms?  Hmmmmm…  Angel?

Gosh.  Noah is so big.  Soccer… YIKES!  I’m nervous!  What if he throws a fit when he doesn’t get the ball… or when someone else sweeps it away from him?  Oh my!

Yikes.  I’ll not think about it right now.

I better rustle up some grub before church.  Charles is sharing tonight:  Jesus, our High Priest. 

love love love


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