If you EVER have Air Conditioning problems, you MUST call:

Quality Sheet Metal, Inc

946 Linwood Ave, Stonewall, LA 71078-8228
Phone: (318) 925-2912
(Buddy Rose)

God is SOOOOOOOO good!!!  It could have been a MAJOR ordeal!!! 
Our kind, gentle Father was so sweet to us, though!

WONDERFUL Mr. Rose (our HERO!) came to check it out. Over the phone, it didn’t sound good.  All of my googling online left me defeated.  It sounded like a VERY expensive ordeal!  At the very least, we thought we’d have to replace the compressor/condenser!  Charles and I were prepared *gulp* (it wouldn’t be easy) to do that.  Mr. Rose could EASILY have come, given us a new compressor/condenser thingy (the big silver thing that makes all of the noise outside of the house- though now they have LSU ones!) as we had talked about and we wouldn’t have asked any questions!  Did he?  NO!  He came, took off the cover and got to work!  OUR HERO!!!  He saved us thousands of dollars!  Yay!  That’s always a happy thing! 

You know, though, I can honestly say that saving all of that money is a great thing… a really big blessing… but the very BEST part was seeing Mr. Rose!  To have a professional air conditioner repair man who tells you (because he really KNOWS) that God has been so good to you, is GREAT!  To revel in the kindness and gentleness of God with an AC repair man (who could take all of the credit) is a delight!!!  As for me and my house, we will NEVER use another company!!!  No way!  And YOU shouldn’t, either!  Quality Sheet Metal and Mr. Buddy Rose are it! 

You know, if we DID have to replace the whole thing, that would have been fine, too.  I would have wanted Mr. Rose to be the one to do it, though.  Granted, it would have been a much harder pill to swallow, but it would have gone down easier having Mr. Rose here.  He would know and be quick to remind us that God is still gentle and good and kind and merciful!

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