Hi Family!!!

I have a big prayer request, if you can get through my rambling…

Last Friday, I saw them coming up the walk… two Jehovah’s Witness women, and while my flesh longed to ignore the impending knock and keep cuddling my kids and reading Wind in the Willows, the Spirit of God who lives in me (though debatable at times) won!

I had a fun, sweet conversation with Bessie and Anne that ended in them wanting to come back and talk some more (I think it helped that I asked questions about how they could reconcile certain verses in Scripture).  They wanted to talk more about the subordination of Christ and His deity and how I reconciled them. They planned to come today.  I wondered if they really would. YAY!  A little after 10ish, a car pulled up and out climbed Bessie and another woman, Brenda.  I hadn’t expected them until later in the afternoon… but that’s okay.  It’s not about me, it’s about GOD (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)!  *giggle*

Of course, I had pages and pages of notes that I’ve been working on and Scriptures to share… but what happened?  It all went out the window… but that’s okay… because… that’s right!  It’s not about me!  It’s about GOD!  They were startled by their own agreement when I reasoned, “In the garden was the woman, the woman was with the man and the woman was man.” That sent all of our thumbs racing and flipping and my heart praying!  God is SOOOOO faithful, y’all!  He doesn’t leave us alone!!!  Woohoo!  I LOVE Him!  We really had FUN conversation.  One moment… when they BOTH were talking and telling me to look up Scriptures, I thought- this is NOT fair!  It’s two against one (me) and I can hardly get a word in… but I was reminded that it was really two against God (the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit)!!! :o)  They have no chance!!! 

And!  YAY!  They want to come again NEXT Tuesday!!!  They wanted to talk about Philippians 2:8-9.  I said, “Well… why don’t we talk about Philippians 2:6-11.  Brenda laughed, called me sweet and easy to talk to and agreed.  Bessie, after a little persuasion said, “Only if you tell me how/why we are supposed to bow to Christ.”    Wow!  Sure!!!  I’d LOVE to! 

They’ve just gone (12ish).

Can you tell I’m excited?!?

If you guys would, pray for me!  Pray that God would make me diligent in studying His Word and sharing it in a way that would bring honor an glory to Him.  Pray that the lies these SWEET women (for they are some of the sweetest women I have EVER met) have embraced would be obliterated by the Truth!  Pray that my own heart would be protected… for while I may look like a rhinocerous, I’m really very tender and could easily be swept up by emotion… for I agree that God alone is God and that He alone is worthy of worship… the hitch is that we’re not worshipping the same God (That’s why I said we weren’t going to say God as a NAME anymore in our conversations- otherwise we’re likely to have circular arguments for eons).  Anyhoo… pray, Saints!!!  Pray that these women will question what they’ve been taught.  They already can’t believe that I confess Christ’s subordination to the Father (though I have to keep interjecting “voluntary”)  Christians aren’t supposed to do that, according to what they’ve been taught.

I’m off to study… I don’t know a THING!!!  I know, though, that God is good and that the BRIDE is more than one and thankfully, I’m one of the many of the Bride!  :o)



Oh!  A funny thing!  Brenda said, “So what religion are you?  You don’t talk like a Southern Baptist.”  I smiled and said, “Oh…  I’m a Biblical Theologian  I study the God of the Bible.”  She giggled.  I’m glad she didn’t say, “Me, too.”  Or my children would never get to eat lunch!  ~tmm

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