Bessie and Brenda came again yesterday. 

My hope had been to NOT discuss the diety of Christ and the Trinity.   I wanted to talk about how one can be made right with God and go from there. 

Even though we wouldn’t be bowing to the same God, I wanted to pray, before we “got to talking”.  I knew they probably wouldn’t want me to… and I was right, so I just prayed and prayed and prayed in my heart.
Really, I don’t blame them.  They think that I am an idol-worshipper!  Really and truly.  It’s so strange!  They want me to read a booklet that they gave to me “Should You Believe in the Trinity.”  Look at this page:

They declared that my worship of a triune God is blatant idol worship stemming back into history for centuries.
Of course, LOGICALLY… the ONE TRUE GOD that I worship (the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob), who is TRIUNE was the BEGINNING of all the mess you see above!  The one TRUE God ALMIGHTY, creator of the universe, was corrupted by people wanting to worship something they could SEE… just like every culture has a story of a flood… many religions worship triune gods.
It’s okay, though.  I’ll read this 31 page booklet  and the other 223 page book they’ve given me as a reading assignment, “What does the Bible REALLY Teach”.  They’re coming to the idol-worshipper’s house again NEXT Tuesday!  I’d really rather read about Classical Homeschooling or Christian Hedonism or On the Incarnation by Athanasius (I’ve been wanting to finish it for ages!)  Oh well!  What better way to prepare than to understand the opposition?

It’s really been fun.  HARD, but fun!  I’m taking a student role.  I don’t want to argue.  I ask LOTS of questions and challenge their responses with Scripture.  This usually results in a quick change of subject, or a new approach on their parts. 

I was talking to Charles about it the other night.  I wonder how long this will go on.  It’s hard on the babies.  THAT’S the big drawback.
You know, though, every time they give me a verse to look up… I read the WHOLE passage out loud.  I told them that I WILL NOT read just the one or two verses they give me… that we have to look at these Scriptures in their entirety.  And I get to read LOTS of Scripture out loud.  THAT’S  what’s powerful!  The WORD OF GOD!  And it’s being read… lots of it… out loud!  It has nothing to do with me or my “brilliant”  well-planned and outlined arguments.  It’s the LIVING WORD OF GOD that has the power to change a man’s heart!  The seed is the word of God.  Woohoo!  How that takes the pressure off!  🙂 

Keep praying, though, my dear friends and family!  These women want to worship God, the creator of all things.  They think He’s worthy of it!  They just don’t know who He is!  Isn’t that sad?  Think of your relationship with King of creation!  Think of how wonderful and intimate it is!  Think of the gushiness, the wonder, the majesty, the awe and, at times, the giggles… the JOY!!!  The JOY!!!  Oh my!  I want EVERYONE to know it!  I want everyone to know HIM!  I will read any blasted book they give me, if it will keep them coming back so that I can read the Bible OUT LOUD! 

Oh!  And another thing that I quizzed them about… that really concerned me… they will not read their bible without this other little book with it!  Every verse I would put on the table that conflicted with a point of theirs, they would look up in that little book FIRST… and then their bibles!  Huh?  They think that the Word God has given us is too much for us… we can’t understand it on our own… that the Watchtower is the mouth of God.  THAT is kind of scary. 

Pray, pray, pray!  I really like these women!  I want them to know that Joy and Delight that I know… and I haven’t even grasped the HALF of it!  :o)

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