It was a COLD morning! 

I had to run to Target to buy jackets for my kiddos!!!  (We needed them, anyway… so now some of my winter clothes shopping is done!)

The afternoon at the park was absolutely GLORIOUS, though!  We were in full sun and thawed out very nicely!

We’ve agreed that we MUST arrange lunch/playdates at THIS park in the future!

The kids had a blast!  We can even gather pecans, if we want to!

Thanks so much for coming out, everyone!!! 
To those that couldn’t make it, we really missed you!

I’ve posted LOTS of thumbnails.  Click them for the larger image.

Save what you’d like. 
If I have one posted that you would like in it’s BEST quality… email me and I’ll email it to you at full resolution.

I love you dearly and am so thankful that God has blessed us with such good friends!

And those kiddos!!!  Look how God has blessed us there!  Wow!!!

He is so good!!!

(Be sure to send your photos my way!)

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