I’ve rescheduled my meeting with Bessie for NEXT Tuesday.
A sweet sister in our body has a TON going on, so I’m hoping to spend some time with her grandchildren and free her up a little bit.
I also have to get the Trumpet done this week… TODAY, actually, I should send the rough draft to Pastor.  I confess, I am unbelievably behind!!!
So…  I’ll meet with Bessie (and HOPEFULLY Brenda) next Tuesday at 11.  As usual, I am DESPERATE for your prayer!  Pray that we can read LOTS of Scripture and talk about justification.

 I had to giggle.  In my blog stats, it says that someone googled “jehovah’s witness women who want a man” and found this blog!  Two others googled “hymns of the jehovah witnesses” and www.watchtower.org and found Delight Within the Veil!  Wow!  My hope (and perhaps you’ll pray with me) is that these people will read some of the conversations I’ve had with my Jehovah’s Witness friends and that the truth of SCRIPTURE will plant seeds in their hearts! 

If YOU are one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses who googled and found this site, it’s not an accident!  :o)  And I pray that the veil will be lifted and you will behold the King of Glory and all that He is!  THEN… I’ll pray that God will bring you a man saturated with Scripture and a heart whose desire is Christ alone!!!  :o)

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