First of all, I emailed Tom Sylvest this past Saturday night because I’ve been posting his toons on my blog and on MySpace and I had never asked permission!  I had never thought about, really…   anyway…  He was GRAND about it and now I can post them with a clean conscience!

I just got these from him and thought they were brilliant (click to make them bigger)! 

As I wrote to my sweet Evie (who will never keep my babies again, because she put them in Bama gear),

“Don’t you have ANY pride? Aren’t you embarrassed to brag and brag and brag about a team who LOST… when they were practically handed a win on a silver platter?

It really is ridiculous for you to think your team is so great when LSU said, “HERE- have 3 (almost 4) interceptions… have 130 yards on us… here… block our field goal… and STILL… Bama can’t get the job done.

Evie, I’m afraid you are used to mediocrity… that is why you are so pleased with your loss.

See… LSU fans are used to EXCELLENCE. That’s why we can be ticked off about our WIN!

I’m really sorry for you and your warped perception.

You KNOW your beloved hero is rolling in his grave at the stench that is Bama:”

Poor darling girl.  She thinks Bama really did a great job!  Again (it bears repeating):

Isn’t football rivalry FUN?!?

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