A sweet friend of mine brought it to my attention that I’ve not blogged about Bessie and Brenda in a while.  There is SO much to tell!!!  I haven’t really had the time to type it all out.  It’s NOTHING to quickly copy and paste a bunch of Tiger Toons (thanks to the very FUN and talented Tom Sylvest), but it takes me a pretty good amount of time to sit and pour my heart out online…

Until the business of being my honey’s helpmeet (impending evaluations, grades being due, other public school, beauraucratic craziness), birthday shopping, xmas shopping, planning, parties, etc… all calm down… I’m going to have to pass on the serious blogs!  I want to be able to devote myself to the quality and accuracy of it… and I just can’t right now.  It’s so fun relating it to all of you verbally, too! 

Much love… and now I must run!

(I’ll explain all FOUR B’s when I tell you what’s been going on in the Bessie & Brenda arena).

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