§         Isaac Newton’s work in elementary school was “rather poor”.

§         Albert Einstein couldn’t speak until age 4 and couldn’t read until age 9.

§         Louis Pasteur was given a rating of “mediocre” in chemistry in college.

§         Winston Churchill failed 8th grade and was last in his class at Harrow.

§         Henry Ford was evaluated as “having no promise.”

§         Nelson Rockefeller, General George Patton, President Woodrow Wilson, and Leonardo De Vinci all had dyslexia.

§         Thomas Edison was repeatedly kicked out of schools for not following instructions, probably due to auditory processing problems.

§         Bruce Jenner, Olympic decathlon champion who is also dyslexic, says sports gave him self-esteem.  Jenner says reading aloud in the classroom was more frightening for him than competing for the decathlon.

§         Hans Christian Andersen didn’t learn to read and write, even with the help of 10 royal tutors of the Danish Court.  He dictated his wonderful fairy tales to a scribe. 

I would also like to add that I bet NONE of the above had a stinkin’ babybook or scrapbook!!!