Of course… I don’t find out until AFTER I shower and brush my teeth…

oh well!


Do you know what this means?

I’m going to take a NAP this afternoon! 

That’s right!  I’m going to have my munchkins go into their tents and I’m going to climb into the most comfortable bed on the planet and read or sleep or a little of both!

I can’t believe it, either!  This has got to be the greatest day EVER!

*happy sigh*

I was going to make a delicious dinner tonight… sticky pineapple-apricot ribs, seasoned rice with almonds, steamed “stir-fry” veggies like broccoli, carrots,  and snap peas… now, though… I think we’ll have frozen pizza!  If the weather stays like this, we’ll HAVE to eat it al fresco… not on the deck, but on the leaf-covered lawn!

It’s a good day.

Oh!  I’ve been made aware that I’ve not posted Noah’s party pics, xmas pics, or ice-cream adventure pics (I think that’s all some of you are waiting for).

I’m going to enjoy this afternoon… perhaps I’ll post them tomorrow or this weekend.


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