I didn’t get my nap yesterday!
JUST as I was drifting off to sleep with a MASSIVE headache, the doorbell rang!

The prints are HERE!

They’re GREAT, too!  The messages Pignatelli wrote were GREAT!  (I’ll write more about them another day). 
I can hardly wait to get them framed!

I had planned to take them in today.

Last night, though, I suddenly felt TERRIBLE!

My headache got worse and worse…

I tried to eat dinner and just felt SICK.

Charles put me to bed and made some theraflu and I was sound asleep before 9.

I feel a little better today.  Not much.  I’m tired of my bed, though.  Charles is commanding that I stay there, but I want to enjoy him and the family today.  He doesn’t have to teach, schools are closed because of the boil advisory.  And he’s keeping me in bed!  blah!

I MUST love him, though!  He’s absolutely perfect.

More later, I think he must be right.  I should get back in bed.  I’m not feeling very well, again!

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