Because a lot of you have asked:
As though there were any doubt! 
I line up more with Ron Paul than with anyone else.
Granted… I know he hasn’t a shot… because, as usual, the people who love him feel as though he has no shot… or he’s too old… and so they will vote for someone ridiculous…
So… Ron Paul has no shot!
I say, if you line up with him:
If he’s the best of your choices:
It’s absolutely silly to vote for someone that doesn’t represent you or your best interests!
So what… he might not win…
but your votes will show the other candidates that they’re missing the boat!
They need to make some adjustments and quit pandering…
They need to step up to the plate and represent the PEOPLE!
blah blah blah.
I’m really pooped today.
It’s been a very stressful few weeks.
Even my body is sending me all kinds of signs to protest.
He’s my man.
But then…
I’m hungry for FREEDOM!
I want my children to grow up in freedom… not a police state.
Do you really like the government butting into every aspect of your life?!?
Wouldn’t it be beautiful to hardly ever think of the government…
instead of to always having it breathing down your neck?!?
I’m suffocating.
Elect your statists.
I’ll still love you.
I promise not to tell you “I told you so.”