Mind you, I missed the first half… bathing babies and trying to get CNN to load on my computer. 
Here goes:
This debate is absolutely comical! 
Are you not terrified of McCain’s “tamper-proof biometric documents”?!?  Enjoy your microchips, McCain fans!  Not for me and my house!

Huckabee said, “More equal or less equal”… how can you be more equal or less equal?  EQUAL- “to be identical or equivalent to”  *gah*
What do you think about McCain not questioning ANYTHING Ronald Reagan EVER did?!?  Oh my GOSH!!!  How much are you going to suck up, McCain?!? 
I felt like Romney was trying to get Bush’s endorsement.  Don’t be desperate, Romney!
Go RON PAUL!  “You’re arguing about who said what/when?!”  “We need to be talking about foreign policy and the constitution!”  Amen!
Go Huckabee!  “I didn’t come to umpire a ball game between these (McCain/Romney) two…”  Right on!  Now… I can agree with THAT!
Romney is a big eye-roller!  Have you guys noticed that?  He’s like the cute guy in high-school… Mr. Popular, class clown, prom king… so superior… saying with his eyes, “Whatever… just hurry up and let me talk.”  He needs someone to knock that snarky smirk off his face… it’s terrible!  It’s childish and unpresidential!  Whenever another candidate spoke, Romney kept looking as though he was holding back laughter.
You know, I don’t want to “look to a governor” OR  a senator… I want to look to a REPRESENTATIVE!  A man OF the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE!   
The President is the commander in cheif of the MILITARY!  The president is not the commander in chief of me. 
The president is not the MANAGER of me or the rest of America!  The PEOPLE are to run this nation! 
Good grief!  I will NEVER elect someone who thinks I need to be managed!!!
Romney on the military… “it’s not like checkers”… “it’s more like 3-d chess”… is that all he’s got?!? 
He used Lincoln as an example… poor example. 
I wish Ron Paul would talk about more than the Federal Reserve, though…  ugh…COME ON, Dr. Paul!

HEY!  He just said what I did about the president being commander in cheif of the military…not the manager of the people! 


Yep!  He’s my candidate!  :o)
OH!  I LOVED Huckabee’s point on the federal govt’s mandates to the states! 
GO Huckabee! 
That is RIGHT ON! 
The fed govt needs to leave the states alone! 
That’s why I’m voting Paul! 
That was good, Huck!  Really good!

What if Paul & Huckabee ran together?!? 
GOSH!  Disregard!  I don’t like Huckabee, though, right?!?

Gosh, that baby picture of my Aunt Lori is SO Huckabee (I type this as Huckabee is endearing himself to me, though)! 

I wish they had spent less time trying for a dead president’s endorsement and more time talking to the American people!

Huck and Paul got NO time!  Shame shame shame! 


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