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Ron Paul is not with the majority of Republicans with Iraq/foreign policy (unless you REALLY dig into where he stands, consider logistics, and his strategy for victory in Iraq- then you’re likely to agree, wholeheartedly!), but on every other issue Ron Paul is right on with the base. McCain is not with the Republican base on taxes, global warming, free speech, drilling for more oil, POW/MIA issues, immigration, torture, etc., but then you have Iraq- where he is in line with the majority of his party.

Joe Lieberman (on Iraq) is in line with a good deal of the Republican party, too. Would Republicans vote for Joe Lieberman just because of Iraq? I suppose there will be a few hardcore neo-cons (big government Republicans) like Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes out there who would, but the majority would not.

A vote for McCain is basically like voting for Lieberman. The biggest thing both McCain and Lieberman have in common is that they both have alienated their party’s base. I hope a lot of conservatives will weigh all the issues and see that, in total, Paul’s views line up to be more conservative than McCain’s “conservative/nation-building” view on Iraq.

When did being conservative only become about staying in Iraq for 100 years and supporting nation-building around the world? Whatever happened to small government, low/zero taxes, personal freedom and liberty of the individual over state power?

Romney has asked his delegates to support McCain.
But they aren’t bound.

We need to find them.
We need to have them REALLY dig in and REALLY study Dr. Paul.

It seems the majority of this nation is opposed to Dr. Paul based solely on sound-bites and 30 second debate answers!

YOU try describing your entire presidential platform in a 30-second push!

It’s not over… not by a long shot.

Come on, people… get to it! There are still states who haven’t voted… and now there are delegates up for grabs!!!

We’ve got to press on. Your freedom and the freedom of your children is at stake.

If you’re reading this… and you know in your heart that you’ve not given Dr. Paul a fair shot… read about him. Turn off the tv and read about him! Make an INFORMED decision! God gave you a brain. Use it, while it’s still legal.

I know you’ll do what’s right.
Because the lesser of two evils is still evil…
And right is right, even at a whisper!
But if the whole world whispers… it becomes a ROAR!

Love you fiercely!


When you go in today, and you see your choices, remember that the lesser of two evils is STILL evil……and right is right, even at a whisper!!!

Do what’s right… let your conscience be clean.

It has the Last of the Mohicans music as the background! THAT, alone, is reason to watch! :o)

This is a comparison between the policies and ideology of Reagan’s 1964 speech at the GOP Convention in support of Barry Goldwater and statements made by Ron Paul throughout the primary campaign for the GOP nomination in the 2008 election.

The comparison includes policy beliefs on taxation, inflation, social security, foreign policy, and Constitutionalism.

ALL Republicans profess to crave, no covet! a new Gipper as the Party’s nominee. It should go without saying that said nominee should actually BELIEVE in Reagan’s core beliefs and his guiding principles…


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