Okay, y’all! Want something to do?!? Tired of the msm saying that Ron Paul has quit?!?

Let’s shake things up a bit!

You MUST be encouraged… you MUST realize that there are hundreds of delegates UP FOR GRABS at the RNC!!!

Just because Romney and Huckabee have encouraged their delegates to back McCain… they are under NO OBLIGATION to do so!!!

If anything… the Romney and Huckabee delegates should be reason enough for RP to go to the RNC (and for us to go and show our support, as well)… RP MUST GO TO THE CONVENTION! Odds ARE against him… but if he had a chance to speak… and NOT about the economy– we’ve ALL heard his rant on the economy and getting rid of the IRS and inflation and the fed… and while we agree… there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS THAT AMERICANS WANT TO HEAR ABOUT… if he’d go to the RNC and mention the OTHER issues… those delegates would be HARD PRESSED to support McCain! We need Ron Paul to go to the convention and:

  • REALLY talk about his strategy for victory in Iraq…
  • REALLY dig into American Independence and Sovereignty
  • He needs to talk about Border Security and Immigration
  • We want him to talk about Life and Liberty…
  • about Property rights and Privacy and Personal Liberty…
  • about Health Care and Social Security
  • about education… if teachers and parents REALLY knew his stance, they’d fall all over themselves in support of Ron Paul…
  • And Home Schooling (it’s bigger and more important than ever before)!

What do we do about those delegates?!?

We get lists!!! We go to each state’s GOP site and find the lists of delegates… we look up addresses and start writing letters (remind the delegates of the enormous responsibility they’ve undertaken) and sending Ron Paul packets.  It might be good to mention in your letters that most members of the GOP, who believe what Ron Paul stands for, foolishly succumbed to msm spin and pressure and voted for Romney and Huckabee because of questions about Ron Paul’s electability… that they knew McCain was “electable” and still refused to vote for him.

We start with our own state and then go from there! Feel free to leave comments here with your state’s delegate information. That way, when someone finishes his/her state, he/she may come here and get to work on another one.

I’m about to get to work on a Louisiana List. I look forward to you sharing yours!

I want to encourage you, too, to email or write letters to Ron Paul’s campaign staff, encouraging THEM to send packets to all of the delegates up for grabs, as well.

Woohoo… something to do!

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