March 11, 2008

An update to HSLDA Members and Friends on the California Court of
Appeal Decision on Homeschooling:

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell comes to the
defense of homeschool families. “The California Department of
Education policy will not change in any way as a result of this
ruling. Parents still have the right to homeschool in this state,” he

After the Court of Appeal for the Second Appellate District in Los
Angeles ruled on February 28 that parents had to be credentialed
teachers to educate their own children the statement from O’Connell is
encouraging news for the homeschool community.

“O’Connell has it right,” said Michael Farris, Chairman of HSLDA. “But
the court decision must still be overturned before homeschool freedom
can be restored in California.”

The Court of Appeal ruling shocked the homeschool community because in
one sweeping decision it effectively outlawed homeschooling.

“We hope the statement from O’Connell puts the brakes on any
enforcement action,” said Farris.

HSLDA will be pursuing several legal options, including seeking review
by the California Supreme Court and petitioning the same court to
depublish the opinion in order to return California to being a state
where a family can legally homeschool in California without fear.

“We have just started the legal battle to restore homeschool freedom
in California,” said Farris.

To visit HSLDA’s Info page on this court decision, which has the legal
status, link to the decision, and info on legal grounds for
homeschooling in California, use this link:

Ian Slatter
Director of Media Relations