Why PortCityPrincess???

Well… I live in a city with a port and I am a child of the King!

That’s right: I am a child of the King… the blood-bought bride of Christ… a conquered captive of His omnipotent love… and a trophy of God’s grace!

I’m a happy housewife to an unbelievably godly, strong, tender, intelligent, hard-working, good-looking man and momma of two children with the most wonderful morning breath on the planet!!!

My goal is to love the things God loves and to hate the things that He hates. I have TONS of room to grow in this area!!!

In the meantime, I LOVE sitting at His feet… drinking in any drop of Water He’ll give to me… ruminating on the juicy Meat of His Word.

I want to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever!

I want my children to have a hearty appetite for the things of God! I want them to be godly arrows shot into times and places I will never see…

I want my husband to be spoken well of at the gates. (Prov. 31:23)

I want to embark on the Dangerous Duty of Delight!!!

This blog really started as a place for my far-away friends and family to keep up with us. It’s grown into ramblings too, though! I am VERY good at rambling! Ramblings of things that interest or inspire me… sites I find of interest, things on my mind. But in all of my rambling, I want to Glorify Christ. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says “whether I eat or drink, or WHATEVER I do, to do it to the Glory of God.” So… hold me accountable! Remember, I am just a girl… a sinner… and I may put something on here that does not give my King glory. TELL ME! SHOW ME!! I crave the correction!

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