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“God is not an elusive dream or a phantom to chase, but a divine person to know. He does not avoid us, but seeks us. When we seek Him, the contact is instantaneous.”

The God of the universe– the One who created everything and holds it all in His hand– created each of us in His image, to bear His likeness, His imprint. it is only when Christ dwells within our hearts, radiating the pure light of His love through our humanity that we discover who we are and what we were intended to be.

“In the very beginning it was God who formed us by His Word. He made us in His own image. God was spirit and He gave us a spirit so that He could come into us and mingle His own life with our life. ” ~Madame Jeanne Guyon

“Made in His image, we can have real meaning, and we can have real knowledge through what He has communicated to us.” ~Francis Schaeffer

“For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, and in Him you have been made complete.” Colossians 2:9 (NASB)

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and read along:

Hosea & Gomer
by John Piper

The old man and his wife sat by
The winter fire and looked out high
Above the plains of Ephraim,
And saw around the last regime
Of Israel the shadows snake
Their way from east to west and take
Possession of Samaria.
“How long until Assyria,’
They thought, “would break Hoshea’s rod,
And violate the wife of God?”

But strange as it may seem, the doom
They saw across the land left room
For hope. And when they looked into
Each other’s eyes, as they would do
At night, they knew, as none could know
But they, that God would bend his bow
Against the charms of foreign men,
And take his faithless wife again.
They knew it could and would be done,
As surely as the rising sun
Drives darkness back unerringly,
And drowns it in the western sea.
They knew, because they had rehearsed
The tragedy and played it first
Themselves with passion and deceit.

“It’s true that life is far more sweet,”
Hosea thought, “when it is lost,
Then bought again at dreadful cost;
And love grows strong when it must wait,
And deep when it is almost hate.”

Such things as these he often said
To Gomer as they watched the red
And crimson echoes of the sky
Descend Mount Tabor’s cliffs and die
In darkness far below. And she
Would say to him, “Your love for me
Was like a mountain waterfall,
And I the jagged stone. Of all
The knives and hammers once applied
None made me smooth or clean. They tried,
But harlotry was in my blood,
Until your love became a flood
Cascading over my crude life
And kept me as your only wife.”

They knew as none but they could know
What it would mean that long ago
The Lord allowed his love to swell,
And married faithless Israel.

The passing of the years now found
The children grown and gathered ’round
This night: Jezreel and Loammi,
Hosea’s sons, and at his knee
Loruhamah. The room was sweet
With memories, and each replete
With pleasure and with ample pain.
Among the memories one main
Experience above the rest
Embraced them all. It was the best;
Indeed it was the mountain spring
Of every happy stream from which
The family ever drank, and rich
With hope. It was Hosea’s love.
The children stood in wonder of
The way he loved, and Gomer too.
But this had not always been true.

Hosea used to say, “It’s hard
To be a seer, and prophet bard.
The price is high when he must sing
A song of ruin over everything
In lyrics written with his life
And lose his children and his wife.”

And so it was, Hosea heard
The Lord. It was the strangest word
A holy prophet ever got:
And every pointed precept shot
Like arrows at Hosea’s life:
“Go take a harlot for your wife,”
Thus says the Lord, “And feel with me
The grief and pain of harlotry.
Her father’s name is Diblaim;
He makes fertility with cream
And raisin cakes. He will not see
Her go without a price, for she
Has brought him profits from her trade.
Now go, and let her price be paid;
And bring her back and let her bear
Your son. Call him Jezreel. For there
Is coming soon a day when I
Will strike and break the bloody thigh
Of Jehu’s brutal house, and seal
With blood the valley of Jezreel.

And after that, though she’s defiled.
Go in, and get another child,
And make your tender face like rock.
Call her Loruahmah and lock
Your heart against all sympathy:
`Not pitied’ is her name. No plea
From faithless Israel will wake
My sympathy till I forsake
My daughter in the wilderness.

Now multiply once more distress:
Hosea, go beget a son,
For there is yet one child to shun,
And call him Loammi, in shame,
For `Not My People’ is his name.”

Hosea used to walk along
The Jordan rim and sing the song
His father Beeri used to sing.
Sometimes the tune and truth would bring
Him peace, and he would pause and look
At all the turns the Jordan took,
To make its way down to the sea,
And he would chant from memory:

Think not, my son, that God’s great river
Of love flows simply to the sea,
He aims not straight, but to deliver
The wayward soul like you and me.
Follow the current where it goes,
With love and grace it ever flows.

The years went by, the children grew,
The river bent and Gomer knew
A dozen men. And finally
She left and traveled to the sea,
And sold herself to foreign priests
Who made the children serve at feasts
Until they had no shame.
And then
The God of grace came down again,
And said, “Hosea, go, embrace
Your wife beside the sea. And place
Your hand with blessing on the head
Of Loammi, and raise the dead
Loruhamah to life in me,
And tell Jezreel that I will be
For him a seed of hope to sow
In righteousness. Hosea, go,
The gracious river bends once more.”

And so the prophet loved these four
Again, and sought them by the sea,
And bought them with the equity
Of everything he owned.
That was
The memory tonight, because
Hosea loved beyond the way
Of mortal man. What man would say,
“Love grows more strong when it must wait,
And deeper when it’s almost hate.”

Jezreel spoke softly for the rest,
“Father, once more let us be blessed.
What were the words from long ago
That gave you strength to love us so?
Would you please bless us with your rhyme,
And sing it for us one more time?”

“Think not, my son, that God’s great river
Of love flows simply to the sea,
He aims not straight, but to deliver
The wayward soul like you and me.
Follow the current where it goes.
With love and grace it ever flows.”

“And children,” Gomer said with tears,
“Mark this, the miracle of years.”
She looked Hosea in the face
And said, “Hosea, man of grace,
Dark harlotry was in my blood,
Until your love became a flood
Cascading over my crude life
And kept me as your only wife.
I love the very ground you trod,
And most of all I love your God.”

§         Isaac Newton’s work in elementary school was “rather poor”.

§         Albert Einstein couldn’t speak until age 4 and couldn’t read until age 9.

§         Louis Pasteur was given a rating of “mediocre” in chemistry in college.

§         Winston Churchill failed 8th grade and was last in his class at Harrow.

§         Henry Ford was evaluated as “having no promise.”

§         Nelson Rockefeller, General George Patton, President Woodrow Wilson, and Leonardo De Vinci all had dyslexia.

§         Thomas Edison was repeatedly kicked out of schools for not following instructions, probably due to auditory processing problems.

§         Bruce Jenner, Olympic decathlon champion who is also dyslexic, says sports gave him self-esteem.  Jenner says reading aloud in the classroom was more frightening for him than competing for the decathlon.

§         Hans Christian Andersen didn’t learn to read and write, even with the help of 10 royal tutors of the Danish Court.  He dictated his wonderful fairy tales to a scribe. 

I would also like to add that I bet NONE of the above had a stinkin’ babybook or scrapbook!!! 

We’ve been SO busy.
It’s fun, though!

On the 15th, Lydia fell out of a buggy at Target (I’m a HORRIBLE PARENT!) and ended up in the ER.  I think it was one of the scariest moments of my life… carrying her limp little body!  She wouldn’t talk or cry.  She was WHITE and then started vomiting!  It was TERRIBLE!  What made it worse is that Daddy wanted me to go to the ER… NOTHING is EVER a big deal to Daddy… so if he’s sending you to the ER, you know it’s a big deal!  THEN he said to go to the CLOSEST hospital, which isn’t HIS hospital!  He didn’t even want me to take the extra 5/10 minutes to go to his… so then I was REALLY worried!  Lydia mustered a brave smile, though, when she heard me say, “Pop”.  She’s fine… she’s back to her old shenanigans.  I’m glad that’s over and I never want to go there EVER again!  That night, after all was said and done and Lou rested a bit, we went to Granny’s and Pop’s.  Lydia did well until we were getting ready to leave.  She was sitting near the grand piano, playing on the floor with something and she got up and conked her head AGAIN!!!  She became very clingy and then on the way home started throwing up all over the car.  It was terrible AGAIN!It’s over and done now. 

No more, God, PLEASE?!?  EVER!?!

On the 18th, Noah turned 5 and I couldn’t turn off the tears!  He’s so big!  He’s so GREAT!  I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says… he is truly the greatest boy on the planet.  His conversation is WONDERFUL!  I love to just lay across the bed, TALKING with him about all sorts of things.  God, rockets, the world, friends, toys, ideas, stories… EVERYTHING!  When he saw me tear up, he said, “It’s okay, Mom.  I’m always going to be YOUR little boy!”  He is SO intuitive!

Other than that, we’ve been getting ready for Christmas.  Parties, presents, food… lots of food.  Why is it excusable to be a glutton at holiday time?  I know to God it isn’t… but it seems the world winks at it.  Help me, God, not wink at it.  Give me self-control!

I have been reading more… by myself.  Usually, my reading is to the children… or in preparation for Sunday school… or reading my bible and books about the bible and books about theology and ethics and books about dead people and all kinds of stuff that is good and healthy… but it’s been so long since I’ve read a NOVEL!  Not a great piece of literature… not Charles Dickens or William Faulkner… not Virgil or Tolstoy or Kafka or Boccaccio… but just a paperback! 

After finishing Infidel, I started Hitler’s Willing Executioners (determined to make reading a part of my lifestyle again)  I put it down, though, when my friend Robin told me to read “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers.  It’s a paperback novel that puts a spin on the Hosea and Gomer story… it’s set during the California gold-rush… and, since it was seeing Christ and the mercy of God in that very biblical account that God used to redeem ME… I said SURE!  I also LOVE Robin and wanted to read it because SHE loves it! 

So… I read it.  I didn’t get anything done for days… I sent my children to play with blocks and read books (which they do happily) and I didn’t get a thing done!  My laundry is a mountain, now!  At any rate, it was WONDERFUL!  Not great literature… but OH!  Oh!  My heart, even now, swells at the thought of it! 

Read it, if you can!  Husbands… READ IT!  Wives, READ IT!  Single girls and guys, READ IT!  Widows and widowers, READ IT!  It’s a quick read (unless you cry the way I did… makes for some difficulty when the words blur on the page). 

Charles reaped some fun benefits from my reading it.  Of course… I DID mess up once.  He walked in the door, pulled me to him and kissed me and I looked up at him and sighed, “You’re not Michael Hosea.”  I am such a CRAP wife!  Everyone knows that Charles is so much BETTER than Michael Hosea… and besides… it wasn’t Michael Hosea who was so great… READ it and you’ll see! 

When you read it… you can’t help thinking that Michael’s love for “Angel” is just a drop in the bucket compared to Christ’s love for ME!!!  And when you think about how gross “Angel” is… you realize how much worse you are… even if you aren’t a prostitute… you see the blackness of your heart… which while no one around you may see… the God who made you sees it… 

I could go on forever… but I must shower and get ready!  Je dois aller à l’église.

More rambling later!  Read the book and finish more in love with Christ than ever! 

Be romanced by the King of Glory!!!  Woohoo!!!  YES!!!

Okay… I’m really done, now. 

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Currently reading :
Redeeming Love
By Francine Rivers
Release date: 09 May, 2005

November’s Issue

by Elisabeth Elliot

Those who call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day,” I suppose, take some such view as this: Unless we have Someone to thank and something to thank Him for, what’s the point of using a name that calls up pictures of religious people in funny hats and Indians bringing corn and squash?

Christians, I hope, focus on something other than a roasted bird. We do have Someone to thank and a long list of things to thank Him for, but sometimes we limit our thanksgiving merely to things that look good to us. As our faith in the character of God grows deeper we see that heavenly light is shed on everything–even on suffering–so that we are enabled to thank Him for things we would never have thought of before. The apostle Paul, for example, saw even suffering itself as a happiness (Colossians 1:24, NEB).

I have been thinking of something that stifles thanksgiving. It is the spirit of greed–the greed of doing, being, and having.

When Satan came to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, his bait was intended to inspire the lust to do more than the Father meant for Him to do–to go farther, demonstrate more power, act more dramatically. So the enemy comes to us in these days of frantic doing. We are ceaselessly summoned to activities: social, political, educational, athletic, and–yes–spiritual. Our “self-image” (deplorable word!) is dependent not on the quiet and hidden “Do this for My sake,” but on the list the world hands us of what is “important.” It is a long list, and it is both foolish and impossible. If we fall for it, we neglect the short list.

Only a few things are really important, and for those we have the promise of divine help: sitting in silence with the Master in order to hear His word and obey it in the ordinary line of duty–for example, in being a good husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, or spiritual father or mother to those nearby who need protection and care–humble work which is never on the world’s list because it leads to nothing impressive on one’s resume. As Washington Gladden wrote in 1879, “O Master, let me walk with Thee/In lowly paths of service free….”

Temptation comes also in the form of being. The snake in the garden struck at Eve with the promise of being something which had not been given. If she would eat the fruit forbidden to her, she could “upgrade her lifestyle” and become like God. She inferred that this was her right, and that God meant to cheat her of this. The way to get her rights was to disobey Him.

No new temptation ever comes to any of us. Satan needs no new tricks. The old ones have worked well ever since the Garden of Eden, although sometimes under different guises. When there is a deep restlessness for which we find no explanation, it may be due to the greed of being–what our loving Father never meant us to be. Peace lies in the trusting acceptance of His design, His gifts, His appointment of place, position, capacity. It was thus that the Son of Man came to earth–embracing all that the Father willed Him to be, usurping nothing–no work, not even a word–that the Father had not given Him.

Then there is the greed of having. When “a mixed company of strangers” joined the Israelites, the people began to be greedy for better things (Numbers 11:4, NEB). God had given them exactly what they needed in the wilderness: manna. It was always enough, always fresh, always good (sounds good to me, anyway, “like butter-cakes”). But the people lusted for variety. These strangers put ideas into their heads. “There’s more to life than this stuff. Is this all you’ve got? You can have more. You gotta live a little!”

So the insistence to have it all took hold on God’s people and they began to wail, “all of them in their families at the opening of their tents.” There is no end to the spending, getting, having. We are insatiable consumers, dead set on competing, upgrading, showing off (“If you’ve got it, flaunt it”). We simply cannot bear to miss something others deem necessary. So the world ruins the peace and simplicity God would give us. Contentment with what He has chosen for us dissolves, along with godliness, while, instead of giving thanks, we lust and wail, teaching our children to lust and wail too. (Children of the jungle tribe I knew years ago did not complain because they had not been taught to.)

Lord, we give You thanks for all that You in Your mercy have given us to be and to do and to have. Deliver us, Lord, from all greed to be and to do and to have anything not in accord with Your holy purposes. Teach us to rest quietly in Your promise to supply, recognizing that if we don’t have it we don’t need it. Teach us to desire Your will–nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Some of you have already read this… if you read the last issue of the Trumpet…  I read it again last night and again this morning and again as I just sat down to a glass of chocolate milk.

WOW!  What a thought!!!  What a PRECIOUS thought that comes from Zephaniah 3:17!!!  READ what Spurgeon writes:

 There is an unrivaled picture in the word where the Lord is even represented as SINGING WITH JOY OVER HIS PEOPLE.Who could have conceived of the Eternal One as bursting forth into a song?Yet it is written,

“He will rejoice over you with joy,
 he will rest in his love,
 he will rejoice over you with singing.”

As he looked upon the newly CREATED WORLD, he spoke and said, “It is very good,” -but he did not sing.

And as he views the works of PROVIDENCE, I do not read that he sings.

But when he gazes on his people, the purchase of Jesus’ blood, his own chosen ones, the great heart of the Infinite restrains itself no longer, but, wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles, God, the Eternal One, sings out of the joy of his soul!

Look at Spurgeon’s face!  Doesn’t it seem almost giddy!?!  I LOVE IT!

That’s MY response… GIDDINESS and AWE and HAPPY WONDER that God would BURST INTO SONG… and that He sings over me… YIKES!  That’s pretty amazing!I like the way the ESV reads: 

The LORD your God is in your midst,
   a mighty one who will save;
 he will rejoice over you with gladness;
   he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

Yes… we should ALL share Spurgeon’s happy look! 

My heart is ready to burst!!! 

 Because it’s God’s Word, as unbelievable as it may seem… that He would delight in me to the point of breaking into song…  it’s TRUE!

He quiets us with His love… that’s another humdinger!  Wow!  I can’t even say anything about that!  What intimacy! 

Think of when your husband quiets you with his love. 

Charles is SO good at that (don’t get me wrong, we fight viciously at times and NOBODY is quieting ANYTHING!) but really, I understand what that means… to be quieted with the love of Charles is such a strong, but at the same time soft, tender, intimate thing… 

think of how GOD quiets your raging, anxious, mourning, etc. heart! 

Wow!  He’s quieting you with His LOVE!!! 

Just stinkin’ WOW!!! 

I know…All of the good literature I’ve read, all of my years of study and all I can say to that is JUST STINKIN’ WOW!!! WOW!!! 

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Just a little yumminess… while I take a quick break. 

It’s fun, while working on the Trumpet, I read a Matthew Henry quote that Pastor cited (regarding the pursuit of the wisdom of God):   “thou shalt be paid for thy pleasure!!”

When I was in the AF in England, I used to marvel that I was being PAID to live and work in a place I had only ever read about… that I was being housed and fed and sent all over the world to see and explore places and take part in things I had only tasted through the printed page… I said that I was being Paid for Pleasure! 

 How awesome is it to realize that our Holy God pays us for our PLEASURE!  And we get to (He commands us to) delight in HIM!  We get to revel in Him!  We take pleasure in Him and enjoy Him and relish Him and savor Him!  We bask in His greatness!!! 

1. He forgives all your sins.
2. He heals all your diseases.
3. He redeems your life from destruction.
4. He crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies.
5. He satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
6. He executes righteousness and judgment for you against oppression. He sets you free.
7. He makes known His ways to you.
8. He gives you His grace and mercy in times of need.

 Oh my!!!  I’ve got to get the kiddies!!!  And I’ve REALLY got to get back to work… there are MANY more… TONS more…
Read your bible!  Find them!  Be wowed over them!  And thank our almighty God for overabundantly paying you for the pleasure of knowing Him!  He is GENEROUS!

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The Most Important Thing:

     When wars have ceased, international leaders have become dust and the poverty of their souls is revealed; when enterprises crumble and the last dream has evaporated; when death has claimed the final person, and those alive are changed for their eternal future; when everything earthly and mundane is over, and each person resides in heaven or hell—what will be important? And what among all that is important will be the most important?

     This is a question worth thinking about, because finding out what is important in the end will, or at least should, tell you what is important now. That which is important for eternity, that is, for billions of years and more, is surely the most important thing to God for this brief wisp of time called human history. And it should be even more important for you, since you live here for only a small fraction of that wisp.

     What if, in your hurry and your worry about so many little things, you actually missed the most important thing?

     That which is most important for all time, as is well known only to some, is Jesus Christ. I mean, not just Jesus Christ as a being, but Jesus Christ in the light of what he has done—his life, death, and resurrection. It is a huge gamble to dismiss the one who is the center of everything. There is, in fact, no hope for such a person.

     You know what it means to forget the most important element of some concoction—like the sugar in sugar cookies, or the coffee in your coffee and cream, or the lens in your glasses, or the warhead on your nuclear weapon. But some of you have forgotten Christ, and his death and resurrection, as if he were not essential to life and eternity. He is, rather, everything related to life and eternity. This is why I say there is no hope for such an omission.

     Christ’s perfect life, his sacrificial and substitutionary death, and his victorious authenticating resurrection provide the foundation of all hope. As Dr. J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937) stated, “Christianity begins with a triumphant indicative.” God declares that something is done on behalf of those who will come to him—Jesus lived without sin as the perfect lamb, took on their sin and died in their place as the adequate sacrifice, and was raised bodily over the power of sin and death for them.

     To think little or not at all about the centerpiece of history, is to guarantee that you will have no place in heaven. It is not enough to merely be religious by going to church on holidays or even every Sunday, or doing a few other well-meaning duties. It is not religion that makes you acceptable to God. You must be “accepted in the Beloved,” that is, in Christ’s merits alone. (Eph. 1: 6) Only trusting in Christ, resting your confidence in the one who lived, died, and was raised again, can assure you of heaven.

     To believe otherwise, to add your little bit of religious activity to Christ as if you could impress God, is actually insulting to God. Either Christ is sufficient or he stands in need of you to satisfy God’s wrath and to provide your acceptance before the Father. The declaration of Scripture is that he does not need you; rather, you need him, for without a living relationship with him through faith, you could not possibly be received by the Father. Christ cried out on the cross, “It is finished,” meaning, it is paid in full. But “If righteousness comes by the law, then Christ died needlessly.” (Gal. 2: 21)

     You may say, “Anyone can begin a religion like Christianity.” But you give away the fact that you think of Christianity as only a system of duties. You are wrong. It is about Christ and what he has done that could not be done by any other. If you are merely a moralist, using some Christian terminology at times, don’t think you have become a true Christian. Moralism damns, in and of itself. Christianity is not based on what you do, but on Christ, his death, and his resurrection. If this is too much to swallow now, you will avow it later, but sadly, when it is too late.

     It does not have to be this way. You may put your trust in Christ, terminating your confidence in yourself as sufficient to please God. You may enjoy now, before the end of time and throughout the rest of time, an authentic relationship with him. There is a world, an eternal world, of difference between trusting him and dismissing him as will one day be completely understood.

     It is Christ who will one day be seen by all, rightly, to be the center of everything, the apex of history, the hope of mankind, the reference point of the universe, the conversation and exaltation of heaven, the eternal joy of millions, and the eternal bane of even more. And it is now that you should trust him.

~Jim Elliff  “The Most Important Thing”