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I am a bit embarrassed at how redneck I have become!!!
I’m ENCOURAGING people to go to races!
What has happened to me?
Charles will claim it’s the love of a good man.
I think he’s right!


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I’m thinking that these photos are in REVERSE order!
If you want them chronologically, start at the bottom!

Oh yeah… they’re hooked!
Who can we reel in next?!?


Soooo fast!

Welcome to the NASCAR Nation!
WE are the future! *giggle*




Look at them!
These guys are GREAT!


Is Uncle Paul at the JEFF GORDON Trailer?!?

Shame, shame, shame!

Everyone knows your name!!!

That is JUST WRONG!!!
We can’t take you anywhere!!!

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Charles and I had a GREAT weekend! 

Thanks, Ginny, for those tickets!  What a great gift!!!
Thanks, Mom, Dad, Juice, Kate, John Franklin, Jamesie, and Moo, for keeping the munchkins!  They had a blast!
Thanks, Uncle Paul, for letting us join you in the lap of luxury!  I am forever spoiled!

Some Snippets:

The LSU Game
 Imagine the agony we felt when we decided NOT to go to the Craftsman Truck race Saturday, to stay home and watch LSU, only to find that the game would NOT come on!  Some satellite troubles or something!  Instead we had to suffer watching Clemson!!!

When we looked out the camper window, we discovered that across the ditch from us, another group of campers sat watching the LSU game… so WE watched the LSU game with BINOCULARS!!!  It was SO FUNNY!!!  What made it especially comical is that our responses to the LSU game were in complete conflict with the Clemson game!  :o)  What a hoot!  If anyone were watching Clemson through our camper windows with his binoculars, he’d have thought we had no clue about football!  :o)  Or that we were just another bunch of drunk rednecks!  :OP

I confess, though, that I fell asleep for a bit.  I was just SOOOOO tired!!!

The last twelve seconds of the game, we ran outside in our pjs and rushed to another campsite to cheer the Tigers to victory!  Then I opened all of our car doors, even the back, and BLASTED Travis Matte’s LSU Tiger Tailgating Song (thanks, Gran!)!  Right there… in the heart of Alabama… Bear Bryant Hats all around… silly little scrolly marroon A’s on the back of every car… and I jigged to “LSU LSU We’re #1 and we’re coming for you… LSU LSU We’re gonna kick some butt that’s what we’re gonna do…”!  The next morning, I roused the still-inebriated redneck race-fans from their tents with the very same song as reveille!!!  While I would rather have been AT the game… this was a pretty fun way to experience it!

The Race

It all began with awful qualifying results!  Jeff Gordon qualified 45th, but because Pepsi is on the hood of his car and he’s a big name, top money-maker for NASCAR, he got to race (if that’s what you want to call it), sending 9 of Saturday’s fastest drivers home!  *growl* 

I have never been to a race where the fans SAT DOWN most of the time (and I’ve been to a good many races)!  The ugly “cars of tomorrow” ran 3 wide in the turns at the very beginning, but quickly found themselves in single file, seemingly MARCHING around the racetrack.  Jeff Gordon fans should be ashamed of themselves for flaunting his victory, after spending the first 3 quarters (or more) twiddling their thumbs while their driver lazily crawled around the track in the back of the pack.  Shame!  And SHAME on you, Mr. Gordon!  Your fans paid all of that money to see you RACE!  

Jeff Burton, Tony Stewart, Michael Waltrip, and Dale Jr.  raced their booties off!  They kept the race exciting!!!  There was NOTHING lackluster about their performances!  Tony made a bad move at the end… but it would have ROCKED, had he pulled it off.  Instead, he was left out to dry, causing my Fantasy NASCAR score to plummet.  That’s okay, Tony!  I’m not mad at you.  🙂 

All but one of the DEI and RCR engines blew up!  What the heck?!?  You know, though, while I have always said, “You can tell alot about a person’s character by his favorite driver,”  Dale Jr. is AMAZING!  While most Jr. fans get on my nerves and are real creeps, Jr. is really neat!  He has had so many opportunities to trash DEI and he refrains.  Talk about a noble young man!  I am extremely impressed with him.  I think he’d be great to hang out with!  My sweet Jeff Burton (whose shirt I wear as I type this) lost his engine, too.  He and Jr. had both been racing SO WELL!  *sigh*  Oh well…

The middle of the race was VERY dull… SO dull, in fact that the fans weren’t the only ones bored!  Here’s a bit of Jr.’s fun chatter:

Dale Jr.:
(on lap 26 while in 17th place): “What’s wrong with this thing?!?”
TJ Majors (spotter): “What’s that?”
Dale Jr.: “This thing doesn’t run at all!”
After that comment, it was less than five laps later when Dale Jr. swept into the lead on lap 31, and held it easily until pitting on lap 60!

While running in the lead, and with the entire pack in a single file line behind him, Dale Jr. became bored – and his mind wandered elsewhere at nearly 200 mph.
Dale Jr.: “What are you doin’ in there Tony Jr?!”
Tony Eury Jr.: “Tryin’ to watch your in-car camera on my little screen. Just watchin’ you lead.”
Dale Jr.: “What’s the score on the ‘skins game?!”
Eury Jr.: “14-3, Redskins on top.”
Dale Jr.: “Hell yeah!”

Four laps later, still bored…
Dale Jr.: “What place is Jacque Villeneuve in?”
Eury Jr.: “He’s kinda hangin’ out in the back. He’s runnin’ 30th right now.”
Dale Jr.: (about the lack of action) “Here’s another example of why these races are 100 or 200 miles too long.”
Eury Jr.: “Yeah, it’s one of those bizarre events. 42 cars in a straight line.”
Dale Jr.: “Yeah! No one wants to do anything.”

On lap 71, while in a tight pack.
Majors: “NASCAR says to be careful with bumping in the corners.”
Dale Jr.: “We weren’t bumping! I was a half-inch off his rear bumper!”

Lap 76
Dale Jr.: “Hey fellas, make sure ya get all the lugs tight. It’s not bad but I’ve got a small vibration. I think we’ve got one lug a little loose. Make sure ya got ’em all tight…. (long pause) Any updates on the ‘skins?”
Eury Jr.: “Skins, 24-3.”
Dale Jr.: “Alright! We’re gonna get us a win! Is it the 4th quarter yet?”

On lap 136, after the engine exploded…
Dale Jr.: “Hey… that sucked…”

I confess that the end was VERY exciting… WRONG… but exciting!  If you heard horrified screams of, “No!  No!  No!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”  that was me.

In no particular order:


The View from I-20



The View from the MIDDLE of the Camp Ground

It looks like this in EVERY DIRECTION!

A sea of campers, tents, and redneck race fans.
(I resemble that remark)








Most of the planes flying over flew business banners…
Auto parts, restaurants, and the like.
WHO would pay to fly this one???







MY Jeff!!!

Noah’s Rocket Man Ryan Newman













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