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I’m working on an invitation for our Sunday School Christmas party.  We’re going to play Dirty Santa… or the White Elephant Gift game… I guess it all depends on where you’re from.  I think the yanks call it Yankee Swap… how dull… Dirty Santa is MUCH more exciting… ANYWAY… all of that to say, I’ve been trying to come up with some witty wording.  I feel like a failure!  My brain is failing me!  I tried to cheat and google some ideas… but there just isn’t anything out there.  So… (if there are any other brain-dead party-planners googling away) this is what I’ve come up with after agonizing for hours (I’ve determined NOTHING rhymes with ELEPHANT!):

One man’s trash
Is another man’s treasure!
The bigger the laugh,
The greater the pleasure!

So bring a gift,
But don’t spend a dime!
If it’s useful or pretty,
You’ve committed a crime!

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Some boys sleep with Teddy Bears…
Our big boy wakes up on his birthday, astronaut in hand…

Noah and I made this moon cake together!

It was FUN!!!

Commander Noah

Suited up and ready to go!

I can’t help laughing!
At least he can see through this “helmet”!

In the rocket with our sweet Mr. Gibbs

Silly Sarah

We can’t look at these photos without being thankful for the most FABULOUS friends in the UNIVERSE!!!
There is NO denying that ours are the VERY best!!!


Grrrr… still great fans… Bama loyalties aside.


My sweet sister, Maddie-moo!


My wonderful brother, Johnny!

My lover… launching the rocket!


Riding the rocket!

NOT liking the attention!

Poor thing!

Not wanting everyone to sing.

Wanting to fly!

Loving Mrs. Lagersen

Happy Big Boy!

Mission Accomplished!


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Getting props ready for Noah’s party

It’s REALLY fun!!!


I’m a little sad Noah will be getting a space suit for his birthday and a proper helmet for xmas.

I like the helmet he “invented”

Of course… perhaps he’ll have fewer crash landings if he can SEE!!!

Life imitating art!

“Drop your sword!”


Are everyone’s kids as fun as mine?

Can’t be!


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