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Here are a few photos (in no particular order)!

Packed in and Ready to Go!

The BEGINNING of the LONG trek!!!
Katie traded places with Noah and read to Lydia for AGES!!! 
Our Katie-Bug is a DOLL!!!

The two cutest guys on the beach!


Maddie hunting for jellyfish

I LOVE these two!  It was such fun to see Aunt Lori and my brother Johnny in deep conversation!
Sweet Sarah and darling Aunt Jamie

Her fearlessness terrified me!!!

My precious Grandad!!!

Lydia and my dad.  Daddy used to do this very trick with ME in this very pool when I was younger!  It’s fun to see him doing it with my kiddos now.






Noah had a blast playing frisbee and football with his Great-Uncle Kenny!



Darling Collette




My little sister, Maddie loves catching jellyfish!


My brother Johnny is Noah’s hero!  I can’t think of a better one!!!


Building planes with his Great-Uncle Craig while Letty looks on.

The jigsaw puzzle queen!

Sometimes we just need to take a break, regroup, and SNUGGLE!!!

I’m getting OLD!  YIKES!
It was strange, realizing that I’ve been going to the Regency Cabanas in Pensacola for TWENTY YEARS!!! 
You HAVE to be old to have done something for TWENTY years!

The National Museum of Naval Aviation:










I LOVE this statue!




More Fun at the BEACH!


Dolphins entertained us!!!


Going with Gran to ride the Funny Car!





Courtesy Hannah:

Momma, getting ready for Movie Time!



As you can see, I have a WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS family!!!
It’s BIG and LOUD and FULL OF LOVE!!!
More photos to come.

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