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Our Last Game

It was a little disappointing. 
Only three of our team showed up and Barry (we’re so thankful for him) took over because our coach didn’t make it.
We had a good time, it just isn’t really what you imagine for the last game of the season.
We have an awards ceremony tonight.  I hope a few more will be able to make it.


Charles came from hunting.




Needless to say, the other team scored while our goalie danced.


Andrew is SO happy!!!






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Game 7

We thought today would be our last game, but since one was rained out, we’ll play one more time… NEXT Saturday at 9 a.m. on field 2C.

In the meantime, here are today’s photos!






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Game 6










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Game 5



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Game 4

We were out of town!!!  :o(  I missed it!  Mom and James took Noah to the game, but I’ve no photos to share!!!


Game 3

What a night!
It was unbelievably hot and humid and our babies were pooped out!
Their legs flopped toward the ball like pasta, hardly al dente!
A soccer mom on the other team decided to play goalie and while I didn’t say a word, I  DID step in a fire ant pile (God knew how ugly my heart was, silent though my tongue may have been!
Noah, after having such a good game Saturday (not pushing, pulling, or kicking anyone) got into the car, sad…
“Mom, I was just so hot and tired and I couldn’t get to the ball.  I had to push to get there.”
Poor Balboa.
I need to teach him NOW, that no matter how awful you feel,
That’s a No-No!
It’s my fault, though.
We got there early, so he could practice PASSING the ball.
By the time the game started, he was drained and drenched!
Oh well.
He still had a great time and so did we.
We have the greatest coach, the greatest kids, and the greatest parents on our team.
For our first year, we’ve really been blessed!
I just wish we could all stick together!
I LOVE Soccer!


Little Andrew!
That smile is DELICIOUS!

Pre-Game Pep Talk

She loves him SOOOOOOOOOOO much…
I have to reign her in!

Quick Water Break.

Matthew, re-fueling.

Woohoo!  GO JACKSON!

And he’s down again!

And Kassidy joins him!

Ha!  He knows he’s a hoot!

“Come play, Braden!”
“No, Jackson!  I’m the goalie!”










Bet you can’t guess who this cutie is!

It was just pretty.
Of course, I didn’t capture it!
N.C. Wyeth could have come closer with a brush and canvas!
Still, no one is as good as God!

I’m telling you- it was HOT!
And they played SO hard!


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Game 2

Kassidy’s Fancy Footwork


He Shoots, He SCORES!!!
Hmmmm… I’m not as excited about it as I was at the game. I just noticed he bumped his OWN TEAMMATE out of the way!
We are going outside to work on that RIGHT NOW, before his game tonight.
I really don’t want him being a ball-hog!



Team Big Red’s Biggest Fans!!!


Action Jackson

Noah Balboa



The Sidelines


Dylan and Kassidy, Soccer Superstars!


Ummm… yeah… climbing the goal is NOT a part of the game!

Matthew and his sweet mommy!

Look at this BEAUTIFUL couple!

Limbering Up


GOOOOO!!!  Run people… RUN!



Fabulous Friends






No, these aren’t duplicates from game one…

They’re from Game 2

Future soccer-star Sidney wondering WHAT her big brother is doing!



Two peas in a pod!

Go Kassidy!!!  Woohoo!!!





They went to get the ball…
But decided climbing the fence would be more fun!


Noah gearing up to be goalie,
“Let me see your war face!”



Good save!


Go Big Red!










Good Game…

…Good Game…

…Good Game!!!








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Game 1

They’re like a comfortable old married couple!
I can see them sitting at LSU games in 40 years! ♥








The sun makes it pretty hard to keep your eyes on the coach!










He ends up on the ground at the end of every play! 
What is THAT about?










I didn’t catch it, but they were doing cartwheels, twirls, rolls, and everything BUT playing soccer! 









Jackson and Catherine

Post Paternal Pep-Talks








She’s a DOLL!

Getting ready!!!








The ball

was in play

all around

this cutie patootie!








It breaks your heart!

Dylan and Lydia practicing for next year!








Sweet Braden after a VICTORIOUS BLOCK!

It’s too funny!









Oh!  Between the legs!!!








Look at Collin! 








A shot of my favorite player!

Water Break!








Noah was so happy that his friends came!

He could hardly wait to show them his uniform!








Cheering his team and itching to get back in!








This was FUNNY!

The jersies must be delicious!
















Soccer  Fans!


















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